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  • Cash Book Imports

  • Multi Company FX Updates

  • Reverse Cash Book Transactions

  • Advanced Journal Import

Dollar Bills


Multi Company FX Updates

From £1,200 (exc. VAT)

Changing FX rates in a multi company environment can be time consuming.  We have developed an add on for Sage 200c that simplifies this whole process, leaving to get on with more pressing matters.  Change the FX rates in one company then at the touch of a button some or all of your other companies (your choice) will be updated automatically.

This is by far our best seller.


Cash Book Imports

From £1,200 (exc. VAT)

To enhance the superb features of the Sage 200c Cash Book we have developed an import add-on that will allow you to import Bank Transactions for multiple accounts, across multiple currencies and dates.


We can have existing add-ons deployed and ready to go within a couple of days (subject to version).  Get in touch with our team today to learn more or to talk to us about your requirements.  Whether you are an existing customer or a new one, we can help.

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